Shenandoah Food

Shenandoah Food was founded in 2010 by Joy and Dennis Evans in Rockbridge Baths Virginia. We began with our first refrigerated vehicle delivering locally made cheeses and meats out of the Shenandoah Valley to locations in DC and Richmond. There was a disconnect between farms and customers that wanted local, fresh, & sustainable food on their plates.

Most farms didnʼt have the time or resources to transport product themselves and the large national distributors did not have logistics in place to accommodate the smaller farms. Dennis and Joy recognized this issue and thus Shenandoah Food was started.

Benjamin, Joy and Dennisʼ son, joined Shenandoah Food in 2012 as a driver and is now the President overseeing our northern based operation.

We started as a family business and still operate with those values in mind. Joy and Dennis have since retired but are still involved, helping Shenandoah Food stay true to our goal of bridging the gap between local producers and their customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We believe everyone should have access to fresh quality food and know where it comes from.